Monday, January 31, 2011

Astrid Eaglebourne

This piece was done using a reaper figure that was missing her left hand and right leg.  A friend, Matt, was playing a Hybrid Sword Mage/Warlord and decided to go with a lasso as the conduit of her spells.  I crafted the rope out of GS and wire, thats right, that rope is all hand rolled and bound.  I made the back leg and hand out of GS and the painted her up to match up with his artwork.  The base is custom, sculpted from GS as well. 

This was a very challenging project, the diameter of the rope proved the most difficult task.  Unfortunatley my friend moved down to Florida and I never got the chance to give him the finished project.  I keep her in my case, safe and sound till the next time our paths cross.

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