Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ol' Rowdy - Cygnar Character Heavy Warjack

The oldest Ironclad still in service, he has a temperment that reflects its many years of service.  At one point it was religated to solely training purposes until a young journeyman named Coleman Stryker was told to control the crotchity jack.  To instructors amazement the two bonded instantly and since that day Commander Styker goes no where without the fevored Ol' Rowdy at his side. 

I held off buying this jack for a long time, intent on playing and winning games without using Character jacks, with the exception of Thunderhead (which was the exception due to not having an Affinity).  When I entered Adepticon for the Mangled Metal Tournament and realized that without this guy, who is very focus efficient, I would be a fool. 

I initially based him on a normal base and realized he really belonged an epic base.  Using Walton's original concept art as inspiration, I constructed the base from green stuff.  It was a tedious process, taking several nights of positioning and trimming before I got it just right.  Then I went onto painting him in a similar fashion as my other Cygnar jacks, but the base of the gold was changed from Rhulic Gold(P3) to Solid Gold(P3), which makes his gold a bit brighter and makes him stand apart from the rest. 

I love his torso design, and I wish PP would have utilized his Cygnus on all their new plastic jacks.  I also went as far as to add red and orange to all his vents to make him appear that he was at full burn for the impact of his Tremor attack.  Now when I go to play there is hardly a game where I don't take him over his cheaper Ironclad counter-parts. 

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  1. I like the way you paint, it's clean, well done goes on.I was wondering if you had tried to paint the armor in NMM way. it is more difficult but the result is interesting. Well you're lucky to have the encouragement of your wife (my wife is rather to indifference). I'm sorry for your illness and it is true that the hobbycan you change your mind. sorry for my bad English.