Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mule - Mercenary Heavy Warjack

A former staple of Cygnar's army, the Mule has found service after retirement.  A powerful addition to many Mercenary warcasters and assorted mercenary charters, the Mule has everything you could want; good speed, a powerful steam lobber that can fire further if it doesn't move and a battle mace capable of defending itself.  Its weaponry is unmatched still, its cannon being able destroy and disrupt ranks by throwing the away from it.  To complete its utility it is easily repaired and maintained, a boon to those who find themselves burdened by high maintenance costs. 

I really love the Mule, owing two and fielding them as often as possible.  To tell apart on the field I replaced his head with the new Ironclads head and added the eye covering and left off the cargo addition.  I decided to keep him true to the Mercneary studio paint job and continued the green that started with Drake McBaine.  On his Steam Lobber I free handed the Cygnarian script that translates to 'Big Bang'. the nexy will have another phrase, and rest assured it will have 'Boom' in it.  Let me know what you think.

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